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The *OFFICIAL* anime drinking game

ok, sorry if any of these offend you

1. Whenever one of Skuld's creations blows up, drink.
2. When ever Belldany says something, "uplifting," drink.
3. If Sylia says, "Knight sabers sanjo" one more time, I going to shove her hardsuit up her ass, and I'll take a sip.
4. If there are anymore of those really freakish clowns that attacked priss in tape 9, I'm going to drink
5. Whenever Sakura says, "release and dispell!" or, "return to your power confined!", drink.
6. Whenever Mimi says something ditzy, drink.
7. If Izzy has a computer in front of him, drink.
8. If Davis acts stupid and arrogant, drink.
9. If you've seen the first episode of Devil Hunter Yohko, drink, please, drink.
10. Whenever Dilandau is being Evil, drink.
11. If you've seen the Fushigi Yuugi dub, drink.
12. Whenever Shinji says something envolving lonlieness, and being depressed, drink.
13. If Trowa is in a clown suit, drink.
14. Lain does not smell
15. If there are Kodamas falling from the trees, then dive to get them, and drink.
16. If Aisha Clan-Clan is annoying you, put the TV on mute, and drink.
17. If Ryoga is lost, drink.
18. If you are watching the Sailor Moon dub, cry, and CHUGG.
19. Whenever you watch Slayers and Amelia isn't in it, drink.
20. If Pretty Sammy is transforming, drink.
21. If Mihoshi says someting ditzy, drink.(Mimi and Mihoshi...separated at birth??Hmmmm...)
22. oh, and Kaworu lover and my dear dilandau's lover? LAIN DOES TOO BLINK, SO THERE!!!
23. <Drink as much as you can in the minute and 21 seconds before Shinji pops Kaworu's head off>
24. If Kenshin is saying 'oro,' Drink
25. If There be nudity in Ranma, then dammit, Drink!
26. If Serena sounds like Mickey Mouse in the Sailormoon Dub, Drink and hope you pass out.
27. If Chibi-moon is transforming, Sing Naked Bitch and run away screaming from to much pink...oh, and Drink
28. If Uranus is too close to her'cousin,' Drink and be merry and gay (no pun intended ^_^*)
29. whenever Shinji says 'I mustn't run away,' drink and drink and drink summore (drinking rids you of your problems!!)
30. If Dilandau-sama if burning somthing and calling 'MOREO MOREO!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!' Drink and make love to the floor.
31. If Rei says 'who are you,' smack her, say 'I'm (insert name here) Dammit!' and take a sip
32. If you like Eva, kiss me and drink
33. If Heero says 'mission completed' one more time, break the TV, and drink
34. If Duo-chan says 'who gave me Gundam CRAPsythe?!,' wake up from your nitemare and drink
35. If Nene is clueless again, drink
36. If Mokona says 'puu' at any time in any episode, step on the damn thing, throw the rubber ball in the trash, and Drink if you understand what I'm talking about!
37. If Candy Candy is stuck in a wall again, smack her lille ass and drink
38. If you find babbits and cabbits cute, Drink
39. If Fire arrow attacks are overused in anime (AKA Sailormoon, Slayers, MKR, etc.), drink and go practice your archery.
40. If almost all of the characters from Fushigi Yuugi look like a member of the opposite sex, dress in drag and drink to wash your cares away...
41. If You have seen Chichiri's, Xellos-sama's, and Brock's (hah! gotcha there!) Eyes OPEN, drink, for this is an impossible task!!
42. If Tomoyo is holding a video camera, drink.
43. If Heero says 'ryokai' (aka mission accepted/completed or 'roger') take a swig and help Duo self-destruct Deathsythe Hell (wai!)

(#'s 23-42 were brought to you by Ryo Dark, my friend. Visit her page @ http://Tabris_666.tripod.com/)

i couldn't help myself......